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Air Conditioning Installation Leighton Buzzard

D-Mec Services have over eighteen years experience in the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning solutions to all commercial sectors. We offer a full end to end service, fitting reliable, cost-effective and efficient air conditioning commercial solutions throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Contact our team today if you are in need of air conditioning installation in Leighton Buzzard.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Leighton Buzzard

In any commercial setting, it’s important to ensure that the working environment is comfortable for all employees and visitors alike. Focussing on any task becomes difficult when there’s the added stress and discomfort of an office or retail premises that’s the wrong temperature, but we offer the perfect solution thanks to our range of commercial air conditioning units.

D-Mec offer a full end to end service, supplying and installing the air conditioner in the most suitable place and providing maintenance and repairs when necessary. We’ll consider all factors, and will work hard to ensure that your system is fully reliable. Our team will thoroughly discuss your needs and recommend the best system, whether that’s comfort cooling or close control. Whether your business is industrial, retail or office-based, we’re here to help. Speak to our experts about our commercial air conditioning Leighton Buzzard today.

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Air Conditioning Installation


Can I Install an Air Conditioner Myself?

If you are wondering “Can I install an air conditioner myself?” to simply put it, no, you cannot. Even if you have all the technical knowledge to install an AC unit, all of the electrical components that are involved with the installation process poses an elevated level of risk. In addition, it takes years of experience to ensure that you get the right unit for the size of your house with all the intended qualities you wish the unit to perform at. For this reason alone, it is highly recommended that you contact a trained AC engineer to install your AC units. 

How Long Does it Take to Fix an AC? 

Many people often ask “How long does it take to fix an AC?” Well firstly, there are many factors to consider. Some examples include: the size of your home (the more units you have, the longer it will take to complete the job), the condition of your home, the initial inspection, any electrical issues and positioning of the unit (moving furniture will also add time to the job). 

As a general rule, the average installation time will take anywhere from four to eight hours, which means the process of removing the old unit and being able to turn on the new one should be finished within a day. However, this is of course assuming that any new parts are readily available and the previously stated factors do not hinder the total time too significantly. 

How Long Does an AC Last? 

Generally speaking, the innovation of modern day air conditioners means that they are much more efficient and can last anywhere between 15-20 years. On the flip side, dated air conditioners can last around 10-12 years. The health and efficiency of your AC unit also depends on a number of factors including whether or not they have been correctly maintained throughout its lifetime, its positioning in the house and how many times it get utilised throughout the year.  

How much does it cost for air conditioning installation?

The cost of air conditioning installation depends on the size of the system you require. Home air conditioning takes far less time to install, doesn’t require as many preliminary risk assessments, and is inherently cheaper as a result. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a personalised quote and find out how much your air conditioning installation may cost.

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